Don’t want to rely on a photographer to capture endorsements and then waiting? Schedules are tight during campaigns. Struggling in the era of social distancing of arranging meet and greets with important contacts? Virtual ENDORSEMENTS can be your solution.

You take the photos on your campaign smart phone and text it away. It comes back, moments later, ready for release with your logo and banner on all of your endorsements, giving you a professional look with your branding.

Branding photos helps your campaign with voter recognition and sends a consistent message that exudes confidence.

Our automated function eliminates lag time, giving you immediate turnaround to keep your social sites and website up to the minute with a minimum of effort.

Keep your staff focused on message and contacts, not struggling with photo finishing.

You can return the completed images to the sender, so they can distribute on their social media pages for maximum viral – or – optionally send back all photos to a single number so your staff can control the distribution and timing.

Having virtual parties? Create a way to allow all the participants to be seen and see all their friends by setting up galleries they can share.

Weekly billing so you can control the message and the costs.

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