Tips for a Successful Creative Session

Every session is different.  We are eager to hear your ideas for the look of your portraits and view our time together as a collaboration of ideas. We suggest that you bring clothing that expresses your style. Feel free to bring a change of clothing with you for some extra variety.  We will discuss clothing and props prior to your session.

Storytelling helps convey personality, style, tastes, romance, or sense of humor. Backgrounds, outfits, uniforms, and props tell more than just an expression can. But keep in mind where you will display the portrait.

Wardrobe tips for good portraiture:

· Adults and families: Avoid bright or busy patterns that may compete for attention in the portrait. Active solo kid shots bend this rule well. Bold colors can work in high key settings.

· Darker colors can have a slimming effect.

· Dress groups in similar hues and styles causing the eye to be drawn to the faces.

· Showing too much skin can be distracting. Avoid shorts in groups and sleeveless tops in close-ups. The leg or arm closest to the camera may appear larger than it truly is.

· Choose outfits that match the surroundings. Bright sets beg for light or white outfits. Outdoor afternoons look for denim, subdued colors, or earth tones. Trash the dress or senior sessions, anything goes!

· When using a virtual background, pick colors that are not close to the Chromakey color. Blue and green are typical Chromakey backgrounds.  Solid white (high key) and black (low key) backgrounds may also be used.

Storytelling suggestions:

· Children are in various stages throughout childhood. A favorite object, uniform, sporting goods, game console, helps tell who they are right now. Use tools of the trade for adults.

· Romance can include objects of affection, symbols of the heart, or classic wardrobe selections, to name a few. Imagination should be structured to convey a mood or a message without distracting from the subject.

· Family treasures, like grandpa’s teddy bear, heirloom books, or furniture accessories can convey your multi-generational values.

· Bright sets and colorful clothes infer active and vibrant personalities. Low key surroundings and props project a sense of calm. Break this rule (carefully) to suggest independence.

High School Seniors:

Almost anything goes! Project that attitude and personality in your outfits and props.  We love to include best friends, that special someone, pets, your vehicle, etc.

· Guys, avoid a haircut just before your session. Give your hair time to settle in. Make sure all facial hair is neatly trimmed. (Monobrow’s are never in style.)

· Gals, now is not the time to try a new hair style or color. Stay with a style you know and are comfortable with so you will feel relaxed for your session.  If you need a trim try to have it done at least one week prior to your session.  Bring a brush/comb for touch ups and hair spray for indoors and out.

· Blemishes?  They happen.  Act as though they don’t exist.  Trying to cover them with make up can actually make them more noticeable when being photographed.  If needed our retouching staff will remove them in post processing.

· Keep makeup to a minimum.  A clean, uniform look presents best to the camera. Try to avoid mascaras that flake or smudge under the eyes.

Exceptions and special considerations:

· Fashion or other Portfolio work: Make-up Artists or MUAs, can work miracles as well as be very creative, but review their portfolios carefully.  Consider a dry-run first and take a snapshot of what works so you can easily repeat it.

· Bridal portraits are a great opportunity to do a dry run of your prep for the wedding. If possible include your mom and maid of honor in the prep for your portraits.  They will be the ones helping you on your big day. Practice not stressing each other out before your session, too! And remember to eat something and drink water moderately. Ask for detail shots of your hair style, makeup, flowers, etc., just in case of an emergency change in vendors on the big day!

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